Advanced Table: Showing KPIs from multiple platforms

Vladimir Petrovic

Currently, Advanced Table supports only use of Metrics with Dimensions (also called Attributed Metrics) (e.g. Google Ads 'Clicks by Campaign', Facebook Ads 'Clicks by Campaign', etc.).

An improvement would be Advanced Table supporting also use of Metrics without Dimensions (also called Standard Metrics) (e.g. Google Ads 'Clicks', Facebook Ads 'Clicks', etc.).
This way, the user would be able to have an Overview of Standard Metrics per multiple Data Sources (see attached example screenshot).
For example: User could show and easily compare key metrics from multiple platforms (e.g. ad platforms) in one table, such as comparing 'Impressions', 'Clicks', 'CPM', 'CTR', 'ROAS', etc. from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and other ad platforms, etc.

Additionally, currently Dimension names from multiple Metrics (and Data Sources) have to have exact same names in order for data to populate in the table.

An improvement would be having the ability to report on multiple selected Attributed Metrics from multiple Data Sources where Dimension names are not exactly the same (e.g. capital letters, additional signs used) - enough would be having similar names, and data would populate in the table without any problems.

This could be overcome by implementing support for Standard Metrics.


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