Auto Y-scaling for Bar/Line Charts should work similar to Combo Charts

Rusty Shores

Currently, when you set the Y-scaling to "Auto" on a Combo Chart it will create a max value slightly above the highest value in the data set. This can be helpful in visually expanding the bars. 

However, when displaying the same data set in a single Bar Chart, there is no difference in the max value when the Y-scaling is set as "Off" or "Auto." 

For example:
If the highest value for the bar data is $1.1M, the max value is $1.5M when it's set to "Off."
When it's set to "Auto," the max value becomes $1.2M.
In the "off" setting, the bar graph can look more "squashed" compared to it in the "auto" setting. 

Please make the "Auto" scaling setting to work the same as in the Combo Chart, by automatically making the max value slightly above the highest data point in the displayed data set. 



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