Currency Format (e.g. $) without decimals

Rusty Shores

Currently, you are able to choose between default Prefixed currency Formats, such as $, €, etc. Those formats are displaying values with decimals.
There is also an option to choose between "$#,###.0" and "$#,###.00" default Formats, but it doesn't work for us.
In order to have currency values without decimals displayed, we need to set up a Custom Format under Advanced Settings in the form of "$#0,0". But this is tedious, and since it sometimes spontaneously switches back to a default Format its even more inconvenient to redo it over and over.

Please add an option to be able to select a default Format e.g. like "$#0,0" in order to display currency metric values as a whole number, without decimals.
We think it's a fairly standard Databoards providing more of a higher level views and not on that level of details, that might actually distract viewers.



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