Allow more than 10,000 rows for SQL queries


SQL queries in Databox are currently limited to 10,000 rows.

The request is to increase the limit above 10,000 rows.

Voters on this post, please share your use case, along with the number of rows you'd need for successful reporting in Databox.

For example:
- Would you need a higher row limit just one time to sync all historical data into Databox?
- Or would you need a higher row limit on a regular basis due to having more than 10,000 new rows of SQL data per day?


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Simon Kocher

Increase the limit of 10,000 rows on the query results that are sent from the underlying Data Source. For companies with more data it is impossible to query all figures of a year to get an overview.
Increasing this number would not only give customers a better and longer time horizon for evaluations, it would also make Databox more attractive to larger young and modern companies that work mainly with web applications.

Comparable tools, such as Power Bi, have multiple maximum number of lines that can process Databoxes in a query.



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Sandesh Phuyal


I am using SQL queries, and we have data from 2019 till 2021 which is more than 10,000 rows. Is there a way we can increase the limit from 10k to 100k? If I set limit as 100,000 it returns me 0 as values.



Hi Sandesh,

Thanks for sharing your use case.

Currently, there is no way to increase this limit.
An alternative solution could be grouping data on your end or using GROUP BY in the SQL code to decrease the number of rows returned.

Does this help?

Sandra from Databox


Nick Moers

I would need a higher row limit just one time, to sync all historical data into Databox.
Especially because the function to keep the data when running a query was removed.