Ability to connect more Databox space IDs to a single Slack workspace by 1 user


Currently, 1 Slack user can establish only 1 connection between Databox account and Slack workspace.
E.g. 3 different Slack users can connect 3 Databox Space IDs with a single Slack Workspace.

Use case:
Agency users connecting multiple Client Accounts with single Slack Workspace in order to report in different respective channels.

Suggested improvement:
1 Slack user able to connect multiple Databox Space IDs with single Slack Workspace.


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Mike Williams

This would be highly valuable!
Would be really great for us as we have Clients within their own Slack channels, within our Slack Workspace.



Hi Mike,

Thanks for your feedback.

For now, have you tried the option by multiple Databox users (in your Databox account) to connect single Client Accounts with your Slack Workspace?

Sandra from Databox