Re-add the option to keep or purge data for SQL Custom Metrics

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Nick Moers

I would like to import SQL data to my Databoard and keep the old data as well, but it seems Databox is deleting old data in Databox when I am adding 10,000 new rows through a SQL query. The data is ''flushed'', while I would like the old data to be included in existing reports.
Before there was a possibility to choose between keeping all data or purging old data, but that option seems to be gone after the last integration update.

The main reason for us to use Databox is the SQL integration, and we need to be able to look back at historical data on our Databoard. Without this the SQL data becomes pretty useless to us.
We'd like to see the option to keep or purge data when saving SQL Custom Metrics being re-added.


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The option to select between obtaining historical data or purging it, was re-added to all SQL Query Builders.

Sandra from Databox



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