Improvement to Annotations: Ability to add Global Annotations

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It'd be valuable to add an Annotation to Databox w/out attaching a metric to it. "Launched major new product." or "Raised Series B Funding.

If voting for this request, please explain how you would use this new improvement.


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Derek Knox

It is surprising that this doesn't exist in a product who's only purpose is to visualize data - having a feature that can add a context to the displayed data.



Hi Derek,

Thanks for reaching out.

You can add Global Annotations to charts (Line, Bar and Combo charts), by selecting the 'View for this metric only' option, and the Annotation will automatically be added to all Datablocks/Databoards where that metric is included (see screenshot).
Does this not work as expected on your end?

However, we do have some improvement requests for Annotations still open (if it may be in your interest to upvote on them):
- Improvement to Annotations: Adding to all Visualizations
- Improvement to Annotations: Multiple Metrics support

Does this help?

Sandra from Databox



New Annotations pop-up with the option to add Global Annotations and the ability to specify the hour (optional).
Such new "Global Annotations" will be seen for all metrics on charts that have the ability to display Annotations (Line, Bar and Combo chart). For example, if you started a big campaign you may want to add a Global Annotation to be seen on all metrics, as a campaign will probably have an effect on multiple metrics.



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