Scheduled Snapshots and Shareable Link: Deletion of the 1st Databoard in the loop

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Radivoje Simic

Currently, if the 1st (primary) Databoard in the loop is deleted, the whole loop is being deleted.

An improvement would be that when the 1st Databoard in the loop is deleted, the next Databoard in the loop would be set as the primary (1st) Databoard of the loop and the whole loop won't be deleted.
Therefore, Scheduled Snapshots linked to the loop would be further delivered as scheduled, and not be deleted. Also, Shareable Links won't get broken.


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We have reworked our Looped Databoards feature, which now as a standalone feature supports the following:
- Ability to reorder all Databoards (including the 1st Databoard)
- Ability to have multiple loops with the same starting Databoard
- Loop is not being deleted if the 1st Databoard in the loop has been deleted
- Ability to create and manage loops within the Designer
- Review all loops on Looped Databoards page (app.databox.com/databoards/loops)

Learn all about Looped Databoards feature here: help.databox.com/article/92-overview-looped-databoards

Sandra from Databox



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