Introducing Our New, Easier Way to Select and Change Date Ranges

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  • on 2020-08-18

We’re obsessed with making it easy for companies to monitor, report and analyze their performance.

Today, you’ll notice a few improvements to the date range selection and exploration functionality in Databox.

Here’s what’s changed:

  • You only need to pre-select one Date Range when building a new Datablock.
  • You can select additional available Date Ranges when viewing a Databoard. No need to log back into the Designer to add a new Date Range!
  • You’re no longer limited to only 6 Date Ranges per Datablock.
  • Your Date Range selections are stored in the URL of your Databoard as you change them, allowing you to Share a Databoard with specific Date Ranges selected.
  • Anyone viewing your Databoard can select any Date Range.

You’ll also notice some changes to the way the Date Range dropdown looks and functions:

1. It’s simpler: We’ve grouped similar types of Date Ranges into groups, including: Current, Previous and Popular.

2. It’s smarter: The Date Range selector only shows you available Date Ranges based on how much data we can retrieve from your Data Source and your Plan.