Web app update


  • Confirmation popup added when disabling custom domain
  • Information that preview data is limited to a maximum of 20 dimensions per period when using Query Builder with CDR enabled metrics added


  • Tooltip and paddings adjusted on Goal and Metric Charts
  • Compare line option is now hidden when “All Time” date range is selected
  • Manage tags popup now supports revert and does not autosave changes
  • Color improvement for change percentage on Scorecard and Alert previews
  • Improved Chart tooltip compare text to reduce width


  • Table row limit input not updating correctly
  • Incorrect Gauge maximum value scaling
  • Favorite Metrics at Home page moving when hovering above them
  • Incorrect font styling in Annotations
  • Scorecard changes overwriting custom date ranges or compare value
  • Chat widget not being removed when non-admin user switched to the whitelabeled client account
  • Goal value at Progress bar not being visible on a white background
  • Adding multiple metrics from My Metrics view to Account Template not working properly
  • Incorrect bar order on Bar Chart when data changed
  • No data being shown in Advanced settings when dimensional metric was used on x-axis Bar Chart