Web app update


We've added 11 significant improvements to our Charts:

    1. Improvements to the Functional legend and option to toggle specific metrics or dimensions on and off.

    2. Improved interaction when selecting lines, showing a vertical line while snapping to the nearest line/point.

    3. Better Comparisons display when there are multiple metrics/dimensions on the same chart.

    4. A new way of showing Annotations, which are now located along the X-axis for better visibility and interaction.

    5. A new chart design where "tails" are removed, resulting in clearer and more transparent line charts.

    6. A new tooltip design for an easy and automated way of translating your data visualization into mini insights.

      New tooltip design for a unstacked bar chart:

      New tooltip design for a stacked bar chart:

    7. A new option to smoothen the lines on the line charts, making them simpler and easier to understand, resulting in even better trends data tracking.

    8. A new option to show data values for line, bar, combo and pie charts to see the values as quick as possible.

    9. A new option to hide total metric value above line, bar and combo charts.

    10. Improved pie chart labels display with curved lines for better and more transparent visualization.

    11. Better display of incomplete periods in line and bar charts, with such periods marked as dotted lines/dashed bars.


    • Negative values on current stacked line/bar charts
    • Fixing the bug where Y-axis labels were overlapping bars and where X-axis were overlapping the legend