Web app update (5.2.17)


  • New custom format option for the "Change format" under Advanced settings
  • Support for inline editing of Custom metrics on the Query Builder page
  • Showing dates on data annotations
  • New White-labeling option to remove Google SSO from login page
  • New White-labeling option to hide Template library for non-admins


  • Improved loading UX on Datablocks/Databoards
  • Adding Popular group to the Databoard master date range switcher
  • Hide disabled date ranges for non-logged-in users (Shareable links)
  • Show plan-limited date range options on Alerts


  • Bug with saving settings for dimensional metrics on Pie Datablock
  • Hiding help articles in Metric library when White-labeling is turned on
  • Improving page (zoom)
  • Missing format floating label in Advanced settings popup
  • Bug when setting a new client KPI with a default date range
  • Skipping Unsubscribe link in Scorecard preview email
  • Fix for hidden Databoard Branding "Powered by Databox" for white-labeled client accounts
  • Fix for "From" name for emails sent from white-labeled client accounts
  • Fix for data source error emails, when Email notifications are turned off