Web app update (5.2.18)


  • Option to restrict ability to view and explore additional Date Ranges for external (non-logged-in) viewers on Shareable links (can be found under Advditional settings in the Share Databoard popup) 
  • Ability to change the granulation and cumulative directly on certain Datablocks (Line/Bar/Combo chart)


  • X-axis for 'This Week' and 'Week to date' Date Ranges now shows days of week instead of numbers
  • New loaders on Databoards / Datablocks
  • Remove link under Embedded Databoards when White-labeling Add-on is turned on
  • Show 'Company name' in default text in Connect Help popup when White-labeling Add-on is turned on
  • Show 'Reset view' option on all Databoards with non-default Date Range settings
  • Alignment of the compare drop-down in Alerts form


  • Loading correct background color when previewing a Public Template Databoard
  • Incorrectly showing selected attributes when switching Datablocks
  • Y-axis auto-scale fix when having only one data point
  • Databoard Desktop view filtering not working properly